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GreenGenTech Energy Inc. is a clean, renewable gas company with a mission to help industrial companies and communities around the world reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve low carbon intensity objectives. 

Established in 2010, GreenGenTech Energy Inc. designed and commercialized patented second-generation biomass-to-syngas technologies.  Our energy focus is on production of green synthesis gas for industrial purposes and hydrogen made from biomass.  

Our Canadian technologies were conceived and built on a vision to deliver small and modular solutions that could provide:

      –lower cost biomass energy that was cost competitive to fossil fuel, and

      –significant environmental benefit and GHG reduction. 

Smaller communities and industrial companies seeking to reduce their carbon intensity with a green energy solution “inside the fence” or “over the fence”  now have a solution that does not require enormous scale.  The small modularized platform central to our technology,  also allows our facilities to efficiently scale with the changing demands of our clients.

Our technologies have been commercial deployed in multiple international locations with a proven track record in active commercial operations.

We Delivery Biomass Green Energy Solution to your site!

Services & Technologies

The company’s core technologies are mainly two patent groups: BioCRG(TM): Concentrated-radical biomass energy conversion technology (patent: 2009 1 0010284.1) and BioPCP(TM): precise control pyrolysis technology (patent: 2012 1 05909149 , US Patent: 14/481,430), and supporting 46 patents.

 Biomass energy utilization

  -Biomass heating energy station project in the industrial park (direct combustion, pyrolysis and gasification);

  -Biomass thermoelectric and thermoelectric charcoal polygeneration projects in industrial parks (direct combustion + gasification coupling);

   -Biomass and multi-energy complementary smart energy projects in the industrial park;

   -Biomass hydrogen production project.

Sludge Pyrolysis Modular System

Garden Residual Pyrolysis Modular System

Pyrolysis coupling with Existing Boiler

Rice Husk Gasification Biochar System

Biomass High T Pyrolysis Gas Burner

Multi Gasification System to one Combustion Chamber

We Provide:

Green Bio H2

Biomass Syngas

Renewable Natural Gas

Bioenergy (power/fuel)


Organic Waste Treatment

We Also Provide Overall Operation Service

Customer Pay only for Performance

As a key part of biomass clean energy in the modern carbon-neutral economic industry chain, GreenGenTech's core technology is to convert biomass and organic solid waste from a wide range of sources into high-quality biomass synthesis gas. And further processed into biomass hydrogen, biomass natural gas and biomass gas fuel, into the clean energy system. The company's application fields and business positioning:

Harmless treatment of industrial solid waste

  -Industrial manufacturing waste treatment projects, such as: medicine residue, corn cob residue, tobacco leaf stem, etc.);

  -Organic solid waste, such as: harmless disposal of oil sludge and sludge;

Modular Product

GreenGenTech has more than 8 years of experience in running projects on customer sites on a commercial scale. Take BioPCP(TM) 20-ton biomass gas-fired complete heat supply unit as an example:

1. One of the major innovations of GreenGenTech for the biomass gasification industry is: the biomass gas system has multiple gasifiers corresponding to one boiler. Redundant backup is similar to the relationship between coal mills and boilers in power plants. Such as four uses and one backup to ensure continuous operation of the boiler throughout the year without shutting down;

2. Multiple gasifiers can use multiple fuels, such as one using wood chips, one using rice husk, one using corn cob residue, and even one using sludge pyrolysis! The performance of each gasifier is guaranteed;

3. The combustion system corresponding to each gasifier is also individually air-distributed/adjusted to ensure the best combustion conditions;

4. The charcoal produced by each gasifier is different, such as charcoal/rice husk charcoal/bamboo charcoal/corn cob charcoal, etc., each has its own value and needs to be extracted separately to obtain the best by-product value;

5. Ultimately, the overall effect is optimized

 GreenGenTech's equipment has achieved modular design and manufacturing, which can guarantee a 90-day processing cycle and a 2-week on-site installation cycle, greatly improving the installation quality and schedule, and is the second largest innovation for the biomass gasification industry. The modular manufacturing, transportation and assembly of the system are shown in the figure below:

Product list

Product Catalogue



Product Spec

Vertical precise control pyrolysis reactor (ladybug)

Small size: inner diameter 1.4 meters, feed volume: 0.2~0.5T/h;     medium size: inner diameter 2 meters, feed volume: 0.8~1.2T/h;     Large: inner diameter 3 meters, feed volume: 2~2.5T/h ;

The steam output is 2.5~5.5 tons/ton biomass based on types of feedstock.

Dried Sludge, Organic Waste

Biomass Pyrolysis

Biochar or not

Horizontal precision control pyrolysis reactor (spider)

Small: 5~6 meters in length, feed volume: 0.8~1.2T/h;     Large: 10~15 meters in length, feed volume: 2~5T/h;

According to different raw materials, the output of biochar is between 0.1 and 0.3 tons per ton of feedstock.

Produce bio-fuel gas

Produce high quality biochar

Fixed bed rice husk gasifier

Small size: inner diameter of 3 meters, feed rate: 0.6~0.8T/h;

Medium-sized: inner diameter of 4 meters, feed rate: 0.8~1.2T/h;

Specific for rice husk gasification 

Produce bio-fuel gas and high quality rice husk char

Overall biomass pyrolysis heating system (Turnkey project)

10T/h steam equivalent heat supply unit

20T/h steam equivalent heat supply unit

30T/h steam equivalent heat supply unit

A single industrial user or,

Low-carbon heating in industrial parks.

A complete set of systems, including feed and discharge, main system, boiler, ultra-low emission, installation, etc.

GreenGenTech biomass H2 Syngas

Complete biomass hydrogen production unit

50T/D tons/day biomass feedstock capacity / unit

100T/D tons/day biomass feedstock capacity / unit

Provide a overall set of systems and services for biomass synthesis gas, biomass hydrogen, renewable natural gas customers, including installation and commissioning.

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